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Plants to Make a Japanese Zen Garden in Your Home

May 18 2021 – Hoson Xiao

Plants to Make a Japanese Zen Garden in Your Home
Plants to Make a Japanese Zen Garden in Your Home

At its core, Japanese décor style promotes tranquility, peace, and restoration. When you enter your home utilizing this method of decoration, you should feel like you’ve arrived at your own personal sanctuary of harmony and relaxation. There should be lots of natural light, rich blues and cool whites, and green plants.

While any plant added to your home can promote natural peace, there are specific Asian florae that really do the trick. The best part for you: They don’t have to be living. When you purchase these plants at Rustic Reach, you can get all the benefits of a living plant in an artificial option.

Check out these five faux fauna to turn your home into a Japanese Zen Garden.

Eucalyptus for Airiness

While living eucalyptus is often used for its air purification properties, faux eucalyptus can have similar effects when it comes to helping make a room feel light. With its outstretched leaves and subdued greens, this fauna sets a reminder in your home to stand still, take a deep cleansing breath, and focus on what matters.

Artificial Eucalyptus Leaf

Siwu Grass for Tranquility

Like a plant you’d find along a gently flowing river, the Siwu grass can be utilized to promote tranquility. When you look at this flora, you can be transported to a moss-covered creek with the gentle hum of water rushing downward. You may hear birds chirping overhead, or you may hear the gentle hum of cicadas. Regardless, you will be mentally brought to a place that resonates with tranquility and peace.

Artificial Siwu Grass Stem

Sedge Stem for Durability

Life gets challenging, and when you feel like you’re going through a rough patch, surrounding yourself with plants that radiate strengthening properties is crucial. Sedge stems are perfect for this use as their stems are triangular in shape, making them more durable and tough against the natural elements. When you surround yourself with this plant, you, too, will learn the power of strength against life and can apply the wisdom that comes with such lessons.

Sedge Stem

Japanese Zen Leaf for Peace

The Japanese Zen leaf is the perfect example of a flora that you would find in a Japanese home. With its flowerlike fixture and greenness of fauna, this plant combines healing properties of both types of nature to help build restoration and concord within your home. Whether you want to add a short stem to a vase on your bedside table, or you want a long stem to create an arrangement for a living room shelf, this plant perfectly fits any space within your home to promote peace wherever you go.

Artificial Plant Japanese Zen Leaf

Bamboo for Wisdom

Originating 30-40 million years ago, bamboo has made its home across the tropical and subtropical regions of Asia, Africa, and Latin America. With age comes wisdom, so having this old plant within your home would have phenomenal influence on your intellect and intuition. Adding it to an office area or anywhere else you may need to focus would be the best fit for this fauna, although there really is no limit on where it can be placed.

Artificial Bamboo Grass Potted Plant