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Inspiring Your DIY Projects with Rustic Pottery

June 27 2021 – Hoson Xiao

Inspiring Your DIY Projects with Rustic Pottery
Inspiring Your DIY Projects with Rustic Pottery

The rustic aesthetic stretches beyond material items and accessories. The aesthetic can call back to a simpler, clutter-free way of living that relies on raw materials and natural colors while promoting a more minimalist approach to the design and utility of a home. Rustic spaces are often filled with items that are useful and beautiful; there is a purpose and a story behind each element.

There are a range of ways to make enormous strides in developing the rustic aesthetic of any space—an approach that complements color, light, and design with respects to a given space is most effective. Say you want to redesign your kitchen or replace some of the kitchenware, picking the right items to fit your redesign can be tricky. We can choose any one element and see what dramatic differences that item can have in a space.

Here are some tips to help you get in the mindset of changing your aesthetic and filling your space with a more rustic feel.

Paint Types and Textures

The paint job of a room is part of the bedrock of an aesthetic. What is the color and the texture you are going for? These are questions worth asking. Create a mood board of eye-catching items, spaces, colors, textures, and more that you make you think of paint types that you like. It is easy to find examples of items and accessories online in different spaces. Creating a mood board or a “lookbook” is an invaluable tool for brainstorming and sharing your ideas with people who will be helping you with your project.

Once you’ve done some small paint tests and have settled on the type of paint you want to commit to, see what items you might want to introduce into the space. Consult your lookbook for those items that first inspired you towards your desired aesthetic. Something more glossy like this Binglie Glazed Pottery Vase will have a different impact than something more matte or rough, like this Restoration Ancient Jar. Items like the Restoration Ancient Jar come in different styles which can allow you to fine-tune your complimenting colors. Look at what else you have in your room and see if you can come up with a concise color pallet.  

Binglie Glazed Pottery Vase

Restoration Ancient Jar

Patters Make a Room Pop

What you decide to place in your space can dictate the colors and patterns that you will naturally want to embrace. If you feel stumped on how to get to this stage, consult your lookbook and examine spaces that inspire you! Look at your space in sections: What will you hang on the walls? What color frames will you use? If you are using black frames, you might want to compliment the black accents with other items that also contain black accents, like this Ink Painting Terracotta Floor Pot.

Giant Zen Style Ink Painting Terracotta Floor Pot

Perfection in the Imperfections

One of the beauties of the rustic aesthetic is the DIY aspect of it. Imperfections, blemishes, and varying texture can strengthen your commitment to such an aesthetic. It doesn’t have to be perfect so long as there is clear evidence of hard work and attention paid to the craftsmanship of a given item or space. This Gray Ceramic Coarse Pottery still has the rustic feel of a handmade pot, but it has a cleaner finish than some other items that embrace a more coarse and textured finish.

Gray Ceramic Coarse Pottery Collection

For a rustic feel with a more DIY aesthetic, antique coarse pottery can bring an added sense of texture and dimension to a given space. This Antique Coarse Flower Pot utilizes the same DIY paint aesthetic and is slightly brighter and more glossy. The paint on these pots adds an enormous amount of life and contrast to a given space.

Antique Coarse Pottery Large Flower Pot