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How to Introduce Spring into Your Home

March 22 2021 – Hoson Xiao

How to Introduce Spring into Your Home
How to Introduce Spring into Your Home

While inviting in spring can be as simple as opening up the windows and added a vase of flowers on the kitchen table, that doesn’t always utilize the creativity the season often sparks. With the warm air and sight of sun, everyone can finally feel like they can take in a breath of fresh air and much-needed vitamin D.

To take your spring celebrations to the next level, add décor to your home that rejoices the season. Here are just a few ways to achieve that goal through pieces from Rustic Reach.

Introduce (Faux) Outdoor Animals

When we think of spring, we often envision rabbits hopping through a flower-filled field, squirrels dancing simultaneously through blooming tree branches, and deer frolicking through fresh grass in the woods. To pay homage to these spring souls, add some figurines in your home, even in suggestive ways. Take the Handmade Wool Sheep Knick-Knack, for example. They’re a fun take on adding animal décor to your space through their funky textures and fun colors without having to add a very literal sculpture to your home.

Handmade Wool Sheep Knick-Knack

Utilities Airiness

The change into spring weather means taking off your layers and taking in a warm sunny afternoon. As we shed the heaviness of winter, our décor should follow suit. It’s time to put away the thick blankets, take down the plaid, and hide away dark colors. Replace all those dusky, heavy items with light, airy ones. A perfect piece for this change is the White Wire Bird and Candle Lantern. It brings in the bird-like spring elements while also being dainty and sweet.  

White Wire Bird and Candle Lantern

Bring in the Butterflies

Butterflies are best known for their colors and symbolism. For some, they can be remembrances of loves ones who have passed away, and for others, they can symbolize change and hope. As the season changes, the best way to incite change from the inside out is to add butterflies to your home. You can clip them to napkins, curtains, picture frames, and more.

Butterfly Clips Randomly

Add Splashes of Color

Have your home reflect the tones and hues of this new bright season by bringing in the oranges of tulips, yellows of daffodils, and pinks of pansies. You can go as crazy or reserved as you’d like with the colors. Changing the accent features of your décor can go a long way, such as replacing throw pillows, tea towels, and placemats. You can also add some visual interest through adding a Rustic Dream Catcher Wind Chime in a bedroom, on a patio, or even in a corner of a room above a possible reading nook.

Rustic Dream Catcher Wind Chime

Bring on the Birds

One of the first signs of spring each year is the sweet song of bird chirps. These little creatures come out of hiding and beautify our flowers and streets with their decadence and music. To pay homage to the season and the creature that kicks off the warmth, add some Artificial Bird Ornaments to your space. Clip one on your coffee table books or on the side of your planters! They will help warm up your space and bring the memory of their songs indoors.

Artificial Bird Ornament Randomly