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How to Craft the Perfect Gift Display

May 18 2021 – Hoson Xiao

How to Craft the Perfect Gift Display
How to Craft the Perfect Gift Display

Gift-giving is infinitely rich in possibility. It is a language of love, and it can communicate the most nuanced of feelings. Birthdays, Mother’s Day, or any kind of reunion warrants some expression of gratitude—and what better way than through a well-crafted gift. As warmer weather finally arrives and time with friends and family seems to be on the way, now is the perfect time to consider how we might show the ones we care about that we truly appreciate them.

This goes without saying, but gifts don’t usually suffice on their own, they require a vessel—wrapping paper at the bare minimum. There’s nothing like the moments of anticipation when unwrapping a gift, especially if that wrapping was prepared in an eye-catching way. Presentation goes a long way, from the look of the individual gift box, to the framing of the whole event. A well-decorated present can elevate a gifting experience to new heights and help you reach a new level of connection with those who matter most. Here are a few methods and ideas to help decorate your gifts this season.

Small Treasures

Attention to detail speaks volumes in the love language of gift-giving. Beyond the main gift item, there are many layers of detail with which we can play. The wrapping of a gift is one layer. Depending on the size, a gift basket or a gift bag can always supplement gift-wrapping. This is an opportunity to focus on color coordination and themes. What can you use to accent the neutral tones? What will make this gift look delicious and energetic? These are questions to ask yourself as you prepare your presentation. This is a great opportunity to add an accent of color in the form of plant stems or fruit. A green berry leaf stem can introduce a soothing green hue to your color pallet and also excite the gift presentation enormously. If you are looking for a darker accent against lighter wrapping colors, a green spike grass stem could mix perfectly with your scene.

Berry Leaf StemSpike Grass Stem


Framing the Scene

In addition to a basket and wrapping, you can also consider adding a neutralizing linen to the mix. This will act as a sort of tissue wrapping, often found in gift bags, but with a more rustic presence. Lean on the plants or fruit to be the accent that draws attention to the gift. When positioning everything in your gift basket, make sure to frame the main gift in your presentation with these accenting colors. A plant that sits in a pot or a vase can service a larger scene. The green Sarracenia stem is an example of a plant that offers a beautiful splash of color wherever you place it. It is a shorter plant, but it often spreads itself horizontally, offering a wide range of vibrancy. If you are dealing with multiple gift boxes, bags, or baskets, consider the Asakusa tea leaf stem, which can also act as an accent to any gift vessel. This stem comes in varying sizes and you can find stems that are tall to be placed in a vase in your scene.

Sarracenia Stem
Artificial Asakusa Tea Leaf Stem

The Right Size Event

For an event of some occasion, you might find that your gifts warrant a gift table or belong in an area surrounded by food and more lush decoration. As mentioned earlier, the green Sarracenia stem can fill in the space with its long golden-green blades of grass, which are easy to arrange in different directions. If you are looking for a greater pop of color, see the potted pilea plant. This addition to your scene can sit on the floor or on the table with the gifts. Standing at just over two feet tall, this plant is a medium-sized accent and can accompany a wide range of scenes and colors. It is perfect for creating a cozier environment that feels full of life and warmth. The goal of any gift presentation is to create an inviting scene that both surprises and welcomes, and the trick to achieving this is in the details and in the personal gestures.

Artificial Potted Pilea Plant

Sarracenia Stem

Good luck and happy gift-giving!