How Succulents Improve Your Life and Mind

Posted on March 21 2021

How Succulents Improve Your Life and Mind

Plants are some of the most ancient uses of house décor ever used. Even looking back at our own lives, decorations of our past center around plants: flowers on the kitchen table, ferns by the front door, a rose bush next to the porch.

Greenery is what bring our memories to life—it’s what make our flashbacks so vibrant, so vivid. And in the present, plants have the ability to heal us in ways both obvious and imperceptible. Whether you live in a big city or small town, plants are what ground us. They’re what makes us want to open our eyes, look to the sky, and soak in essential vitamin D.

Plants—faux or living—are essential to our happiness and health in a myriad of ways, but here are some examples.

Promote Healing

Plants are one of the most natural and nameless mediums used to promote healing. Being surrounded by greenery reduces stress, promotes a positive mood, and can even lower blood pressure. Being connected to nature—even faux—helps center our hearts and minds. This is why the Artificial Large Potted Agave Plant 22.8" is a great addition to your home. It is large but not obtrusive, and it can help bring your eyes away from the computer screen toward beauty.

Artificial Large Potted Agave Plant

Stimulate Energy

Connection to nature is crucial for the balance of our health. Even if you’re a big city lover, finding patches of grass and looking up to the blue sky is important for promoting calmness and increasing energy. If you find yourself stuck inside more than what your body likely needs, it’s good to decorate your home with greenery to stimulate energy. The Potted Succulent Adromischus Succulent is a great addition to your home for this use with its stimulating structure.

Potted Succulent Adromischus Succulent

Enhance Concentration

To put it simply, nature stimulates our brains. The way life on earth operates is almost unfathomable and often misunderstood. When we connect to nature, our minds can relax, serotonin is boosted, and our concentration is enhanced. Adding an Artificial Potted Plant Pencil Cactus 13.5" to your home can be a reminder to focus. Whenever you have issues with concentrating, fixate on this cactus and examine its every edge to absorb its energy.

Artificial Potted Plant Pencil Cactus

Induce Relaxation

In our stressful lives marked by fear of a pandemic and all its changes, it’s difficult to find means to really wind down and calm our minds. Many went from commuting to staying home days at a time, and everyone went from throwing on shoes to head out the door to grabbing at least one mask, hand sanitizer, and sometimes, gloves. Surrounding yourself with the beauty of nature is essential for inducing relaxation and centering our minds. The Potted Succulent Gigantea Succulent will help calm your mind and body, especially when paired with soothing music.

Potted Succulent Gigantea Succulent

Drown Out Noise

One of the many superpowers of plants is that they can absorb sound frequencies from the street or surrounding land. This is especially beneficial if you live in a loud area with heavy bass sounds. The stems and leaves of plants can absorb the frequencies and help with creating a Zen environment for calmness and productivity. The Artificial Aloe Vera on Faux Moss’s stems do a wonderful job at silencing background noise so that you can focus on what you need to get done—even if what you need to get done is relaxation.

Artificial Aloe Vera on Faux Moss