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Green and Lush Must-haves for Every Home to Welcome Spring

March 01 2021 – Hoson Xiao

Green and Lush Must-haves for Every Home to Welcome Spring
Green and Lush Must-haves for Every Home to Welcome Spring

With winter and its snowy storms slowly making its way out for warmer weather, it only means spring closer than we think with brighter days ahead. From coast to coast, this has been one of the chillier years we’ve seen in a long while, which means that transitioning a winter home into a spring home will bring much abundance and good energy.

Making new uses of important places in your cozy abode should be one of the first steps to take to bring in the new season. Adding various lush green elements, such as succulents, ferns, and even art, will bring the “pop” that’ll make your home cozier than ever before, and Rustic Reach has all the essentials to give your home that extra pizzaz to make this warm year better than before!


No matter what size home or apartment you have, there’s always space for cute and playful elements to welcome family, friends, and guests. The Hanging Fern Plant Decoration is just the right amount of greenery to make any ceiling or wall insert feel welcoming and warm. Getting a few and lining them up would make your entrance more interactive and eye-catching.

Artificial Plant Hanging Fern Plant


When connecting from room to room or living space to more private quarters, we can all pride ourselves in creating hallways that fill your home with beautiful memories and art alike. Adding some deco also brings new elements to old memories. A Green Plant Oba Fern in Wood Frame Plant Wall Art can serve your home this purpose splendidly. Contrasting the wooden frame with the sublet nuance of color and life can make your hallways stand out even on their own!

Green Plant Oba Fern in Wood Frame Plant Wall Art


As a staple of every home, the kitchen should always be flooded with life and used as an invitation for both friends and strangers alike. Being a center piece of the architecture, as well as an energy focal point, adding colors and art will only boost your already beautiful home. The Hemp Rope Plant Hanger with Potted Succulent Plant is a great décor option for those wanting to channel a unique center or wall piece to interesting spaces among your kitchen decor. Whether you have high ceilings or low vantage points to share a moment with your guests, these will be sure to astound your anyone old and new.

Hemp Rope Plant Hanger with Potted Succulent Plant


No place is more versatile in the warmer weather than our porches. Having the ability to bring family and friends in for snack time, dinner, or just a late-night hang session, porches should have all the life your home craves. Hanging a couple Asparagus Setaceus Hanging Fern Plant is a great way to make the environment more inviting and interactive. When bundled up, these have the wonderful ability to give depth to an already inviting space, such as your porch, whether it be outside or in a deck area. Give some greenery to make moments even more unforgettable.

Artificial Asparagus Setaceus Hanging Fern Plant

Living Room

After all is said and done, no space has more of a sacred place in each person’s home as the main living room. Whether playing with your kids or younger members of the family to enjoying a movie with popcorn and snacks, the living room is the centerpiece of life in your home. Make it not only communal but artistic and inspiring by adding a Plant Succulent Wall Art or two! Using the creative power of the frames along with the diversity the plants bring is the surefire way to keep you guests intrigued and in love with the space you have created.

Artificial Plant Succulent Wall Art