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Decorative Twigs to Help You Throw Your Next Party

July 28 2021 – Hoson Xiao

Decorative Twigs to Help You Throw Your Next Party
Decorative Twigs to Help You Throw Your Next Party

Parties are all about people and ambiance. You want to make sure your guests are not only happy enough to stay but more so about them being so excited they don’t want to leave.

When you’re throwing a party, you need the obvious food, drinks, music, and space. Seating should be taken into consideration, as well as games to keep everyone feeling involved. But something that really elevates your party is décor. You can’t throw a baby shower without baby-related decorations, and in the same way, you can’t have a wedding without making it ethereal.

This is usually when people begin to buckle. They can typically justify refreshments and snacks, but décor oftentimes seems like it throws the budget. But here’s the thing: It doesn’t have to. Plus, if you purchase décor that you’ll want to keep around long after the party ends, then you’re hitting two birds with one stone.

Here are some decorative twigs to help you throw your next party.

Summer Luau

We know the usual Labor Day, Fourth of July, and Memorial Day parties during summer, but why not throw a different one to celebrate the season? Throwing a Summer Luau can help bring loved ones together not from anything specific other than to catch up and enjoy the summer sun. Throw up some tiki torches, toss turtle blow-ups into the pool, and add coral-shaped twigs as center pieces to your tables. This adds a sophisticated element to your backyard party that’s especially perfect for a grown-up’s tiki-themed cocktail hour.

Artificial Coral Shaped Twig Stem

Baby Shower

Baby showers are all about beauty and newness. It’s the celebration of new life and the strength of the parents during this scary yet very exciting time. While you can go the traditional route of using cheesy decorations, making it more whimsical will make the occasion feel that much more otherworldly. Add some soft blues and pinks for cloth napkins; skip the sparkle and vouch for wood-themed décor. Set up a photo wall lining Hanging Willow Branches closely together, weaving fairy lights throughout; drape tulle over the top to create a frame around the scene.

Artificial Hanging Willow Branches

Period Piece Themed Birthday

In the era of Bridgerton and The Crown, it’s time to trade in modern clothing for royalty garb to throw a period-piece themed birthday party. Think of corset dresses and men in suits, centerpieces of branches wrapped in fairy lights, lanterns hanging for lighting, cocktails and wine, white gloves, and modern renaissance music. It’ll be the party people talk about for years, and you’ll feel like you’re living straight out of a movie.

Artificial Dry Branch

Spa Party

After a year that is already begging for relaxation and pampering, get your closest friends together, grab your robes, and throw a spa party! Set up face mask stations, offer cut cucumbers, queue the spa music, and decorate with all things Zen. Add some branches, eucalyptus, succulents, bamboo, white towels, and low lighting. Think about maybe brewing some tea and prepping warm towels or hot stones. Have fun with it!

Large Zen Branch Stem