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Bring Life to The Vertical Spaces in Your Home

April 29 2021 – Hoson Xiao

Bring Life to The Vertical Spaces in Your Home
Bring Life to The Vertical Spaces in Your Home

A comforting space has many layers. Large pieces of furniture and tiny accents all play an enormous role in developing the character of a space. With the right mindset, any room can become a three-dimensional blank canvas of potential.

By adding elements like tall plants, picture frames, shelves, and hanging lights, you can utilize the height of your space. Whether it’s a reading room, a living room, a kitchen, or a bedroom, adding attention to the vertical areas in your home can unlock a whole new way of seeing and interacting with every dimension.

Here are some comforting spaces you can create by bringing colorful life into the taller areas of your home.  

Build Your Creative Space

For some people, it’s an art studio, for you, it might simply be a sturdy table, some chairs, and natural light. Whatever your creative sanctuary may be, it’s important to find yourself surrounded by inspiration in simplicity and detail. Finding the right décor to hang on the wall and the right plants can fuel your creativity and help you fully realize the room. For a vibrant addition, a large leaf croton tree can provide many colors that are enriched by natural light, while also reaching a lively five feet in height. The leaves have beautiful contrast-y patterns and cover a spectrum of color. A tree like this can also come in various sizes to match the kind of space you are trying to create.

Artificial Croton Tree

You Are Where You Eat

For a dining room or kitchen, there are endless possibilities for finding use of vertical spaces. Hanging plants from the tops of cabinets or adding herb gardens to windowsills is a perfect way to bring a breath of life into any space where cooking or eating is the main event. For an extra level of character and comfort, a plant with prominent leaves, like the fiddle leaf treecan act as a balancing visual bridge to the other vertical areas of the kitchen that are being used, such as the cabinets and appliances. Arrange this next to your choice of fruit or vegetable plants for a playful and rich color fest.

Artificial Fiddle Leaf Tree

Coffee, Tea, and Time for Me

There are few things more relaxing than a proper reading chair, a choice of book, and a hot beverage. A reading room should reflect and encourage that tranquil mindset with unobtrusive and hand-selected items of comfort. Proper lighting and vertical space for shelves and books are the first steps to creating an at-home library. For an additional tranquility boost, the presence of a eucalyptus tree can calm the room even further with its muted colors and rounded leaves. Such a tree can perfectly accent various types of room layouts and color schemes.

Artificial Eucalyptus Tree

A Hallway That Makes the Best First Impression

The entrance to a home or building is often overlooked despite its vast potential. Playing with detail that utilizes height can create an aura of plentiful space without it feeling empty. Like an archway or a hanging lamp, decoration and plant life can draw people into a new area and give guests an immediate awareness of the space they just entered. Depending on the layout, this can be the perfect space to include an indoor tree like a green leaf tree. Available in varying heights, a seven-foot green leaf tree could draw attention to the vertical and horizontal space and can bring the sense of life and warmth, which can be found in the rest of the home. For a hallway with a cozier layout, an olive treewhich comes in 4 different sizes, can be hand-picked to be the perfect fit.

Artificial Green Leaf Tree

 Artificial Olive Tree