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5 Ways to Style Summer Fruits Next Season

April 27 2021 – Hoson Xiao

5 Ways to Style Summer Fruits Next Season
5 Ways to Style Summer Fruits Next Season

Summer is all about kicking back, relaxing, and taking in the sun’s rays. It’s munching on fruit and being surrounded by water. Flowers are in full bloom, and the grass is as plush as can be. It’s when you and nature are likely most alive.

While your AC is running full blast, your home is a safe haven from the heat when you’ve had enough sweating for the day. Because it’s a refuge, it’s important to treat it as such. To make it even more home-y, adding décor that celebrates the season is key.

Here are a few ways you can style summer fruit in your home next season.

Arrange in Simple, Tall Vase

Have your fruit stems be the center focus of the piece by pairing your stems with a tall, sleek vase. You can choose a color of vase that complements the fruit by either matching the fruit color perfectly or by choosing something opposite the color wheel. For blueberries, you can go with a deep, royal blue, or you can with a warm orange.

Artificial Berry Stems

Add to a Hanging Basket

While you can never go wrong with adding your fruit stems to a vase, to mix up the way you style, try adding your flowers to a hanging basket. You can drape this on your wall, on a door, or hanging from the corner of a ceiling. It adds another element to your space without taking up more table room.

Artificial Plane Plant Fruit Stem

Dress Up a Pitcher

There’s nothing more romantic than a white pitcher filled with flowers. It screams “summer” with the reminder of water and fresh blooms. To bring this romance to your home, grab a ceramic pitcher and arrange green papaya stems in varying height. To add another element, you can embrace more greenery to the arrangement by including eucalyptus or another fresh summer flower.

Artificial Fruit Green Papaya Stem

Lay Down on a Table

To give the feel that you just went fruit picking on a warm summer afternoon, lay your mulberry stems on a table as the centerpiece. You can include other fruit stems as well if you want to vary the color. You can even lay them in a basket on the table to look like you gathered fresh fruit for breakfast.

Faux Mulberry Stem

Place Them in a Basket on the Floor

Whenever we decorate our homes, more often than not, we quickly flock to decorating wall space and tabletops. We arrange our knickknacks perfectly in front of gallery walls of our favorite photos and artwork. But what we often neglect is how we decorate our floors. That space can be used for far more than furniture. Adding elements of design on the floor helps create intrigue for the whole space.

A few tips to help bring out this design is by stacking picture frames against the wall of paintings and large scenery. You can also add a basket to the floor with pomegranate fruit stems to add some visual interest through texture and color.

Pomegranate Fruit Stem