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5 Plants to Turn Your Home into a Tropical Getaway

June 06 2021 – Hoson Xiao

5 Plants to Turn Your Home into a Tropical Getaway
5 Plants to Turn Your Home into a Tropical Getaway

Now that summer has arrived with the celebration of Memorial Day, it’s time for our homes to reflect the new season. It’s time to put away the peonies and pull out the tropical greens.

While flowers are year-round, it doesn’t hurt to incorporate more leafy stems into your décor to add splashes of the bright greens of summer. And although you can’t go wrong with any type of leaf, tapping into the tropics can be the way to go to really celebrate the season.

Here are 5 leafy greens to add to your space to turn your home into a tropical getaway.

Kwai Leaf Goals

More realistic than any other faux palm leaves on the market, the Kwai leaf from Rustic Reach has the right Ts: texture and tint. It doesn’t have that same waxy appearance as many other artificial plants on the market. Instead, it balances the fine line between gloss and matte, bringing your home to life without the maintenance of a living plant.

Artificial Kwai Leaf Bundle Stem

Turtle Leaf of Dreams

If you’re a killer of plants and are going the faux route but are obsessed with the look of a turtle leaf, look no further. This option from Rustic Reach is such great quality that instantly brightens up an empty corner in any space. Because of its expansive nature, you don’t have to worry about getting a million and one décor items to go alongside it. This piece is a one-and-done décor article for any home, stating itself as the focal point for any room.

Turtle Leaf Bunch

Understated Yet Timeless Turtle Leaf Monstera

Are you obsessed with monsteras but aren’t sold on the size of space they take up? Fear not! The turtle leaf monstera can suit all your needs as it takes up just a fair amount of space without being overlooked. It is perfect for any table centerpiece, in the nook of a bathroom, or on a side table for some splash of green. Plus, you don’t have to pay the price of a living monstera just for it to die as the cold weather strikes once again.

Artificial Monstera Turtle Leaf Bunch

Eucalyptus for Utmost Relaxation

Summer is all about kicking back, relaxing, and taking in the rays. It’s when vacation mode hits and everyone checks out to get a much-needed brain break. And what says relaxation more than an at-home spa? Before you worry about the price tag of a project of that nature, consider that you don’t need to gut the bathroom tub or redo the walls to achieve that level of peace. All you need is some greenery! Add some faux fauna commonly associated with relaxation, such as eucalyptus. Drape it from your shower head, add it to a vase above the toilet, or hang it upside down next to the sink.

Artificial Eucalyptus Leaf

Fun Philodendrons

Nothing is quite homier than a philodendron, especially when placed on a dining table or next to window with ample light. But don’t worry, you don’t need a real one that gets killed if you look at it wrong. You also don’t need to get a standard philo that everyone and their mother has; you can venture into the unique and tropic side.  

Artificial Philodendron Leaf