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5 Plants to Serve as Gentle Reminders This Spring

March 21 2021 – Hoson Xiao

5 Plants to Serve as Gentle Reminders This Spring
5 Plants to Serve as Gentle Reminders This Spring

With spring around the corner, we’re replacing our winter coats with light jackets, boots for sneakers, and warm hats for baseball caps. And while the way we dress changes for the season, so do our homes. We swap out our dark tones for pastel colors, inviting in brightness with the open windows.

The way we decorate our homes directly reflects what we feel in our hearts. We ornament with décor that reflects our interests: books, video game figurines, movie posters, and more. We also decorate with flowers that are in-season and plants that bloom during this specific time of year. And if you go down the faux plant route, then your opportunities for switching out your flora are endless. With Rustic Reach, you can spring-ify your home with complete ease and beauty.

Here are some hot spring plants to add to your home and the reminders they can bring.

Always Stand Tall

Whether you’re having a rough day, week, month, or year, use the Camellia Green Leaf Stem as a reminder to stand tall. With stems extended long and firm, every time you look at it, remember to stand a little taller, and if you fall down, stand back up, brush yourself off, and hold yourself high.

Camellia Green Leaf Stem

Take a Deep Breath

Life can sweep us off our feet, confuse us, and fill our heads with bewilderment. It’s very easy to get caught up in the stress of work and the anxiety of life, but every time you start to feel overwhelmed, look to the Artificial Plant Japanese Zen Leaf Stem to remind yourself to stand still, take a deep cleansing breath, and release your worries. Allow this plant to serve as a cue to count your blessings, name three things you’re grateful for, and how even though there are a million reasons to be sad in life, there is an infinite number of reasons to be happy.

Artificial Plant Japanese Zen Leaf Stem

Harness Your Strength and Wisdom

When we get hit with what feels like a million stressors at once, our minds begin to fog up. We start with struggling to make decisions and lead to feeling like the universe is out to get us. If you find yourself catastrophizing situations, look to the Silk Zen Style Green Maple Leaf Stem as a reminder to harness your strength and tap into your wisdom. Take a breath and know you are capable of all you put your mind to.

Silk Zen Style Green Maple Leaf Stem

Be Confident and Bold

Unique, expansive, and tall, the Artificial Kwai Leaf Bundle Stem is a perfect reminder to be bold and confident in life. Whenever you feel weak, meek, and below par, turn to your kwai leaf and harness the energy it expends.

Artificial Kwai Leaf Bundle Stem

Be Gentle with Yourself and Others

Expectations are the downfall of happiness. When you have high expectations that can’t be met, you’ll constantly be led to disappointment and hurt. Instead of setting unreasonable prospects, lead life in gentility for yourself and others. If you’re having a hard day, don’t beat yourself up for creating any messes. And if someone doesn’t meet you at the level you expect, know that there are many reasons for everyone’s actions. If you ever need a reminder to be gentle, turn to the soft and stunning Artificial Plant Small Leaf Grass Stem.

Artificial Plant Small Leaf Grass Stem