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4 Flowers to Turn Your Home from Forlorn to Funky

May 30 2021 – Hoson Xiao

4 Flowers to Turn Your Home from Forlorn to Funky
4 Flowers to Turn Your Home from Forlorn to Funky

When life feels dull and uninspiring, one of the best ways to add some color to your life is if you incorporate bright hues in your home. If everything around you is grey, there’s no way you can liven up your life.

Our homes fuel us. We fuel our stomachs with food from our fridges. We fuel our minds with rest in our beds. And we fuel our creativity with our favorite pieces of art on our walls. To inspire our lives, it’s crucial to surround ourselves with art, plants, and other elements that make us feel alive.

Specifically, flora serves a major role in making our hearts feel full. When you see life around you, you’re more inspired to live life fully yourself. Whether they be faux or living, adding flowers to your space can turn your creativity from a 1 to a 10.

Here are some flowers to add to your space to turn your home from contrived to cool.

Firework Flowers

Do you have a lot of empty space in your home that just feels too untouched and uninteresting? Pincushion flower stems could be the perfect addition to the space as their petals are expansive and colorful like tangible fireworks. Add them to an abstract, colorful vase, and you’ll find the perfect balance between soft and special.

Pincushion Flower Stem

Outstanding Orchids

Orchids provide an ideal balance between sweet and spicy. With its funky texture and shape, the flower is even taken to the next level as its colors are vibrant yet calming. Orchids can dress up any space without being too over-the-top, and they’re the perfect addition for any traditionalist or maximalist. To tone down the arrangement, you can add the flowers to a white or clear vase, or if you want to make them a full-on statement, add them to a color pot.

Orchid Short Stem

Add a Pop of Poppies

Poppies have long remained to be a symbol of peace and sleep. So, you may be wondering, How does a relaxing flower help make my home funky? The answer is simple! Poppies can have both dulled and vibrant coloring. When you opt for a bright orange or neon yellow, your space goes from drab to fab in seconds. Pair it with the same color vase for a monochromatic look, and you create a whole artistic moment in your home. Add them to your bedroom for a relaxation and inspiration two-for-one.

Silk Common Poppy Flower

Flame Tulips for Flare

Tulips are the standard for at-home flower bunches. You can throw them in a neutral or colorful vase, and you immediately have sleek and stunning views in any little corner of your room. But what if you want to mix up the norm? What if you love the vertical structure of the plant, but you want more flare? Then the Flame Tulip is the perfect fit for you! With abstract edges and color blending, your standard flowers turn into a work of art.

Tulip Flower

To jazz up your flowers one step further, consider adding rhinestone wraps to your vases for some extra flare. And don’t be afraid to mix and match your flora for even more unique arrangements. And to take your décor to the next level, add a disco ball in front of a light source to bring your faux friends to life.